Shalom Chevre

Welcome to the new site and blog of the TechAviv community. We’re today over 1,000 Israeli entrepreneurs and investors that come together off and online to showcase, discuss and help fellow Israeli startups succeed. Our mission is to harness our collective experience and talents to further Israeli hi-tech worldwide.

Especially during these troubled times, when the fever of youthful entrepreneurship is muzzled by market reality-checks and morbid warnings from men in suits, we need community. You can build a company without venture capital but not without Emotion Capital. TechAviv is a physical and virtual place for the risk-enthusiastic¬†to meet and fuel up on EC. We feed off and learn from each others stripes and scars. We meet and make friends and business contacts. This blog and our meetups are a stage for our members to share their latest developments and thinking. If you’re an Israeli building a tech startup or looking to invest in one join one of our local meetups in Israel, New York or Silicon Valley and let us know your story.

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