Devunity, ConTrust and Waze Demo Tonight at TechAviv Founders Club

Over 70 Israeli startup founders and investors are meeting tonight at the IDC in Herzelia to see and discuss some great demos from three of our members. Here’s a quick blurb about each. You can click on the founder’s name to contact them via our meetup site.

Devunity, a recent TechCrunch 50 finalist, is a collaborative coding platform that enables remote developers to view and modify code together. Founder and CEO Alon Carmel will demo the platform and take questions from members.

Fellow TechCrunch 50 finalist ConTrust is a SaaS solution for social media platforms that enables them to moderate UGC content in real-time according to predefined values so that they can monitor and block inappropriate or malicious content submitted by users. Founder & CEO Shai Wolkomir to demo.

Stealth LinQmap has changed their name to Waze (nice move). Their service creates driver generated live maps and provides real-time road intelligence for free. This is a killer demo that has never been given publicly. Founder & CEO Uri Levine will be on hand for the unveiling. More about Waze coming in a future post.

UPDATE: Thanks to our friends from 2Pad for uploading photos and to Assaf Mahler for submitting this video of the meetup. I could not attend, but joined virtually via webcam from New York. Click the black dots on the timeline to jump ahead to each startup demo. You can also leave comments directly on the video.

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3 Comments on “Devunity, ConTrust and Waze Demo Tonight at TechAviv Founders Club”

  1. Shohat
    November 30, 2008 at 5:18 am #

    How about you never write a story about a company that has the words:MediaSocialAggregateShareCollaborateWeb2.0And instead, focus on real Israeli startups, which are not “buy me” models. You know, startups with with more than 10$ mil. in sales, which don't need twitter or whatever to “talk to their clients”.You can just check Globes (Techcrunch is relevant only for buyme companies) list of top Israeli startups from a few months ago.GL.


  2. November 30, 2008 at 6:52 am #

    Shohat, I liken your comment to someone saying “how about you never write a story about paintings that have the color pink, purple and magenta.” Is this a list of bad words? Are these entrepreneurs doing something wrong by working on technologies and communities that may not result in mammoth, publicly traded companies? Is $10m a magic number I'm not aware of? How about companies that are just starting up and have no revenue, or the two friends young guns working out of their apartment trying to change the world? Why would we not write about them? We're here to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Israel the #2 producer of hi-tech companies in the world and yes we have a bent toward hi-tech startups because traditional, PR-fed media does a fine job of covering the big companies. By the way, those companies need to harness web platforms to listen to their customers more than anyone. If you're implying that we predominantly cover web startups, you're right. That's simply because I'm a web startup guy and so are the majority of the 1,000+ members of TechAviv. Since you bring up TechCrunch, 1.5m subscribers seems to indicate some interest in the subject but if you have none, I'd understand if you never read this blog again. I really hope you do Shohat and contribute some stories on startups you consider to be “real”. We're looking for contributing bloggers so if you're interested, please email me – yaron (at) techaviv dot com.Cheers,YaronEditor,


  3. Alisha D Herron
    February 3, 2009 at 2:29 pm #

    nice article! nice site. you're in my rss feed now ;-)keep it up


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