Innovid Set to Launch, Nominated for Europe’s Top Young Entrepreneurs

TechAviv IL members Zvika Netter, Tal Chalozin and their team of garage geeks in Tel Aviv have been quietly cooking up something special for over a year. Innovid is a new in-video advertising platform that enables advertisers to create dynamically rendered, interactive product placements in videos. Publishers also get the benefit (in theory) of increased video engagement and new revenue from their existing videos. Not to mention, it’s just plain fun to play around with an iPod that magically appears on a table in a video. TechCrunch covered them early on but they’ve been in stealth mode since. That changes next week when the company launches their new web site. We’re told to expect a very cool homepage video.

This is Israeli cutting edge technology at its finest but the question for Innovid and others in the ever crowded yet nascent in-video advertising space is can they get these innovative new ad units to become a standard, scalable part of the troubled online advertising landscape. Several companies (e.g. VideoClix, Klipmart) add hot-spots to web videos (see a cool shirt from, click on it to buy) and even more have cropped up to add non-interactive banners and products to objects in videos post-production (e.g. MirriAd, SeamBI, ZunaVision) but none have combined dynamic insertion, interactivity and metrics in one platform. Therein lies the promise and potential of Innovid.

Innovid Management in the Garage (From my iPhone, sorry)

The potential, and 27 year old co-founder Tal Chalozin in particular, caught the attention of BusinessWeek recently earning them a nomination to this year’s European Young Entrepreneurs Award. They are the only Israelis to be nominated so lets rally the troops and head over to the voting page to cast a vote.

Co-founder and CEO Zvika Netter recently demo’ed Innovid for the fist time publically in New York at the October TechAviv NY and NY Video 2.0 meetups (Jump to minute 58). The demo stole the show. It’s something you just need to see to really get. You’ll be able to next week at Stay tuned for first customer announcements as well.

Innovid secured their Angel financing from tomorow night’s TechAviv NY speaker, Jeff Pulver and a $3M Series A from TechAviv IL member Gensis. Zvika and Tal are also the co-founders of the popular

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