ClickTale On Target To Profit

TechAviv IL member Dr. Tal Schwartz has a good thing going over at ClickTale, the web analytics company he co-founded with Arik Yavilevich back in the summer of 2006. The 8-man team quietly cranking away at 19 Ha-Yezira St. in Ramat Gan is on track to becoming a very rare commodity this year; a profitable web company. So how is Tal and gang doing it in a year that is sure to see mass startup carnage? Focus.

ClickTale offers a unique look into what your site visitors are literally doing on your web pages by producing videos of visitor’s actual browsing sessions. Their service, pricing and company as whole does a good job of focusing on that core competency. Their new UI is a lot cleaner and really emphasizes the ability to provide site publishers (including this one) visual insight into visitor behavior on each page. Traditional web analytics companies measure visitor activity only between pages. With ClickTale site publishers can see mouse movements, scrolls, clicks, and keystrokes, as well as aggregate reports and heatmaps on each individual page.

The key value prop — visitor browsing session playback provides insights into why your visitors succeed or fail to convert at particular places on your web pages, forms or click-flows. Identifying the friction is the first step to increasing conversion rates and optimizing the overall effectiveness of your site.

Unlike competitor TeaLeaf which requires an expensive on-premise install, ClickTale is a fully-hosted SaaS solution that takes minutes to set up. With their success you have to imagine that the Google Analytics team and upcoming competitors are taking note. You can try ClickTale free and see what you think. If you’re already a customer, post a comment. ClickTale pricing buckets, which differ mainly based on the number of pages you need recorded, are reasonable for semi-pro+ sites.

What to expect in 2009?

Besides reaching profitability, ClickTale will be expanding their product base offering with more sophisticated aggregations of recorded visitor sessions. Look for them to partner with complimentary service providers like ecommerce platforms, marketing solution providers, hosting companies, etc.

Funded to date by YL Ventures and angel investors, ClickTale is gearing up to raise a Series B to accelerate their growth. Interested investors can contact Tal via his TechAviv Founders Club profile.

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