Ginipic, What’s In A Name?

I’m one of those people who thinks that the name of a startup should be as unique as their service.
It’s usually not an easy task as most of the cool sounding names are already taken. When you’re able to make your name, your logo and service all come together; it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

One such startup is Ginipic, I spoke to Lior Weinstien Co-founder of Ginipic to learn more about their image search solution, their unique name and what it takes to launch a startup in the state of today’s economy.

Hi Lior, Please tell me us about Ginipic and how you chose the name?

Ginipic is a desktop application that allows you to search images quickly all over the web as well as on your local pictures, and use those images with a click of a button. Searching images on the web can be a tiresome task, and even once you find a picture you want to do something with, you need some proficiency in making it available for use.  Ginipic facilitates the process to a 1, 2, 3 operation, along with a beautiful interface and rich features to enhance the user experience.

Sounds very useful, what about the name? I’m fascinated by it.

The name was chosen after a long process of conjuring various options, and then we decided we want a mascot in our name to use in our brand, and soon after we stumbled upon a picture of a cute Guinea Pig – and from there sparked the idea of using Ginipic (Guinea Pig + Picture) as our name, since it’s also a synonym for ‘test animal’ it was a good place to start – cute animal, easy to spell, nice looking word!
(I agree)

Tell us about your team members. Are you planning to grow your in the near future?
(Side note, these guys hold no titles, that’s the trend today. No titles, just talent.)

We are three long time friends:
Orr Sella – Worked as a configuration manager in DVTel. Before that he served in the IAF control center.
Noam Singer – Worked as a senior developer in DVTel, before that served in a top intelligence unit in IDF.
As for me, Lior Weinstein, I worked as an affiliate marketer and biz-dev manager, before that I served in a top intelligence unit in IDF.

We are generally planning to grow and looking for new partnerships, but we are looking for funding and can’t afford to hire anyone new at the moment.

The web / app industry is a very crowded place, how will Ginipic make an impact and what will be cause the tipping point?

We are targeting a generally missed niche. According to comScore August 08 reports, 6.7% of ALL Google traffic (news, search, gmail) globally went to Google Images. Google images is not considered as a ‘fun’ place to browse pictures like Flickr or other photo sharing sites, but has a more task-oriented crowd. We are targeting that crowd along-side many other users, who frequently search for images for various types of work such as presentations, art work, web design, documents, etc…

Since you can search in multiple engines simultaneously, you get more than 8 times the options than you would have on a regular search engine. Because our focus is usability, we have made every effort to give all the tools a user needs to use an image, post to blog, drag & drop, copy to clipboard or even change his wallpaper.

Ginipic’s vision is to revolutionize the way people search images on the web, professionally or not. Media buyers can use Ginipic to browse endless stock photos and purchase them with a click of a button. This is something we believe will truly change a pretty much backward industry where people still look for professional pictures in one-stop-depots, instead of using the power of the web.

What are your views on social industry and how are you engaging with your target audience?

We are hoping to build a community around using pictures in the future, via shared tags, ranking, comments and so forth. Right now we are focusing on general usage without the social factors.

Is Ginipic self financed?

Ginipic is self-financed by its founders, and currently looking for partnerships and investment opportunities.

How will you be monetizing?

We have various methods of monetizing, ranging from premium version for the professional industry, licensing SDK and support, affiliate commissions and sponsored results.

What tip would you give every entrepreneur out there?

No matter what they tell you – you have to release the first version. The world is experiencing a harsh recession, and money is not easily distributed for new ventures. There is a lot of place for new and exciting ideas to grow and evolve, even if they are not patented and invented by world-renowned professors – don’t give up, bootstrap to get that first version out and let the world vote with their clicks.

What’s the best and worst thing about starting your own business?

The best is you get to wake up whenever you want, the worst – if you sleep too much, nothing moves forward. You need to keep an optimistic spirit at all times, and never doubt your idea – remember, at sometime it was brilliant – it probably still is!

What challenges do you see for your growth?

People know of the problem we’re solving, but they are not aware of it. It’s very similar to educating a market, but not completely. Since desktop applications have the hardest time in adoption rates (passing the download & installation bars), we have those two challenges facing us and we hope to overcome them with our excellent product, which people will talk about and recommend to their friends and colleagues.

Thanks for talking to TechAviv, we wish Ginipic nothing but luck as their service continues to grow and evolve.
Investors take note and look for these guys at one of the next TechAviv Meetups!

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