uTest, v4x, ProCompare Demo At TechAviv NY Tonight

UPDATE: Thanks to Allen Stern of CenterNetworks for videotaping the demos from last night’s event. uTest video above, Allen’s posts on uTest here and ProCompare here (includes video).

Tonight its NY’s turn to showcase some of its hottest Israeli startups. 200 of us are gathering at Sun Microsystem’s midtown headquarters for a standing room only event to see uTest, v4x and ProCompare demo their goods. Our hot seat guest is David Almog, one of NY’s leading experts on tax preparation and best practices for Israeli hi-tech startups. Just in time for tax season. Here’s a blurb about the presenting startups:

uTest is taking a radical approach to software application testing; crowd sourcing. Their well designed SaaS solution provides software companies with on-demand testing services by a global community of over 14K (as of this post) volunteer professional software testers. The testers provide a full range of testing services including functional, usability, load, and performance testing. Founder & CEO Doron Reuveni will demo the innovative service.

V4x provides content producers, telecom operators and services providers a set of authoring tools and the back office infrastructure for delivering video channels and synchronized interactive services across multiple platforms such as Adobe’s Flash, Air and Flashlite, Apple iPhone and Blackberry Smartphones, Mobile Broadcast TV and Mobile Video 3G services. David Amselem, the company’s founder and chairman is based in France so their NY-based US GM Philippe Collin will give the demo.

procompare_logo1Mor Sela‘s ProCompare helps IT professionals, business owners and other technology shoppers make the right purchase decisions via personalized recommendations from experts that have ben vetted by proven trust level and area of expertise. You can also become an expert by rating products and network with other experts. Geek heaven.

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