TechAviv Boston Kick-Off, March 12th, 6:30PM @ MIT

As if it isn’t cold enough in NYC, we’re headed north next week to kick-off the first-ever TechAviv Boston (technically Cambridge) meetup. About 50 local Israeli hi-tech startup founders, executives and investors are getting together at the MIT Sloan School of Business to see and discuss new product demos by three of Boston’s brightest Israeli startups – Flixwagon, Currensee and Gazelle. Here’s a sneak peak at each:

Flixwagon is the Israeli Qik, a software platform for broadcasting live video from your mobile phone, only the company has spent its time focusing on technology, partnerships and revenue rather than a spiffy consumer destination site and valley buzz. Pay attention Israeli technologists, this is SWOT analysis at its finest. Sarig Reichert, the company’s co-founder and VP Everything will demo their latest version and discuss the strategy that is setting them apart.

logo_currenseeCurrensee is the first Forex decision-making network where like-minded traders can connect and share insights about trading and forex trading platforms based on the actual trading activity of the community. Traders can share trades and positions with their teammates in real-time. Some nifty social algorithms at play here. When co-founders Avi Leventhal, an avid Forex day-trader and Asaf Yigal, a tech geek who previously co-founded Onaro hooked up, good things were bound to happen. Asaf will show us.


Gazelle provides an easy and safe way for people to sell and recycle electronics. You sell your old cell phone, mp3 player, laptop, or other gadget to them and they not only pay you, but make sure the gadgets don’t end up in landfills. Green for green. Not bad. Founder Israel Ganot will share the wealth and love.

Boston members RSVP here.

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