Nuconomy, TimeBridge, Gemini present at TechAviv CA

Tonight 80 bay area Israeli hi-tech founders, execs and investors get together at Stanford Univ to see and discuss demos and talks by Nuconomy, TimeBridge and Gemini Israeli Funds partner Danny Cohen. Here’s a short blurb about each:

Nuconomy is a web analytics service that goes beyond traditional metrics like pageviews to measure and provide truly unique insight into visitor engagement. The service also enables you to automatically optimize your site based on its findings to help you to streamline goals. Founder and CEO Shahar Nechmad will give a demo of their latest features and discuss the thinking behind their unique approach.

How much time does it take you to schedule meetings? It’s a safe bet that “too much” applies to any busy professional and Yori Nelken‘s TimeBridge aims to do something about it. Think of it as your own personal scheduling assistant. This well designed web app works across calendaring systems, companies and time zones to take the pain out of getting business done.

Our hot seat talk is month is from the much loved Daniel Cohen, partner at Gemini Israel Funds. Literally the day before he moves back to Israel after many years in the valley, Danny will lead a discussion and share his unique perspective on the current state of the funding markets in CA and Israel and give TechAviv founders some tips on fundraising and operating best practices in this daunting economic climate.

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