Zixi, Aternity, Nexperience Demo at TechAviv MA Tonight

I love MIT. The place oozes smart, serious innovation. Tonight 60 local Israeli hi-tech founders and execs come together to soak it in and discuss three very promising local Israeli startups. Zixi, Aternity and Nexperience demo their goods. Here’s a blurb about each.

Zixi turns high-speed Internet and Intranet connections into Instant Video Delivery Networks (IVDN’s) for a fraction of the cost your CDN would charge you thanks to its Zync™ platform. In effect it turns any website or corporate network into a broadcasting hub with standard to HD capabilities. Founder & CEO Israel Drori will demo while his team broadcasts tonight’s event live. Click here for LIVE BROADCAST. (Requires plug-in install)

aternity1Aternity, a recent InfoWeek Top50 Startupredefines end user experience management by providing the industry’s first Frontline Performance Intelligence platform designed to dramatically reduce business disruptions (think, email goes down) and significantly increase end user productivity. The service enables proactive IT management through self-learning, preemptive problem detection, and right-time decision support.  Every desktop becomes a self-monitoring platform that is user-experience aware. Raviv Chalamish, VP Tech Services gives us a demo.

logo4Nexperience reduces the complexity involved in launching and sustaining mobile services. The service streamlines the development, testing, monitoring processes of mobile applications and content across devices, networks and geographies. The service enables the user to control remote handsets and use automated procedures to perform testing and monitoring tasks more efficiently and effectively. Alon Geva, VP, Sales will demo.

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