Confidela, Pageonce, Dapper Demo at TechAviv CA Tonight

Stanford University is the stage for three of Silicon Valley’s most promising Israeli web and mobile startups tonight as @Confidela, @Pageonce and @Dapper demo their goods in front of 80 TechAviv CA members. Here’s a short blurb about each:

Confidela is a “Document Control as a Service” company. The well designed service enables you to securely send confidential documents to anyone while maintaining control of who can view, copy or print them. You can also track when and where your documents have been opened. Will you and your colleagues adopt a new behavior to protect your documents? Will founder and CEO Moti Rafalin earn your trust? We’ll find out tonight.

Pageonce is an Internet “assistant” that unifies info from your diverse internet accounts in a personalized mobile app for BlackBerrys and iPhones. Many services such as Digg, delicious, Netflix, Showbox, Amazon, OpenTable and are supported. They also have very handy support for tracking your bank accounts and cell phone minutes. Can such mobile portals be monetized by connecting marketers with their users? We’ll ask founder and CEO Guy Goldstein.

Dapper lets users extract and structure data from around the web, and then create useful services based around this structured information. For example, Dapper allows users to create an RSS feed based on any web site, even if it’s not theirs, or create Flash widgets that display results from queries of specific data sets. Essentially, Dapper allows users, publishers and advertisers to create an API for any website or service, and easily create dynamic mashups using it. Founder and CEO Eran Shir will demo this thought provoking platform.

This is an invitation-only event for TechAviv CA members. If you’re an Israeli hi-tech startup founder, executive or investor and would like to apply for TechAviv CA membership click here.

UPDATE: Audience poll results:

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