Face.com, Topify, HonestyBox, StatusSearch Demo Tonight @ IDC

UPDATE: We’re having issues with the archived version of the live broadcast so in the meantime, enjoy this short post-event clip from @EzraButler and @YaronSamid.

Ever wonder how Facebook and Twitter apps go viral seemingly overnight? Wondering how its done and if there’s any money to be made from it? Tonight at 6:30PM Israel time at the IDC Herzliya we’ll ask the founders of four of Israel’s top social networking API-powered apps @Facedotcom, @Topify, @HonestyBox and @StatusSearch. The four will demo their products and lead a panel discussion on best practices and monetization. This event is limited to TechAviv Founders Club members and is over-capacity, but you can watch and chat live from home.

CLICK HERE FOR LIVE BROADCAST (May 18th, 7pM – Archive Available Soon)

logo_faceFace.com helps you find photos using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology. The first application of the engine is “Photo Finder” a Facebook application which scans public photos in your social network and suggests tags for untagged faces. With only a few thousand invited alpha testers Face.com has tagged over 700,000 faces across 400M photos on Facebook and continues to scan 13M photos daily. That’s one fit app. Techonomy 2009 panelists seem to agree, naming them “Best Startup”. Founder & CEO Gil Hirsch demos tonight.

Topify is a simple service that provides smarter Twitter email notifications. Instead of an email with no indications on the follower, Topify provides a full user profile. The receiver is able to follow back by just replying to the email and can answer direct messages from their inbox. In a nutshell, Topify facilitates the flow of managing and interacting with new followers. Topify was created by Arik Fraimovich and blogger, VC, entreprenuer and new daddy extraordinare Ouriel Ohayon. They’ll both demo and discuss.

HonestyBox is an addicting little Facebook app that lets you send and receive anonymous messages and discover what people really think of you. You can reply to anonymous posters and flirt with your crushes on Facebook. One-man hacking machine Dan Peguine launched the app in June 2007 and had a million users within a week. The app now has 6 million users. What’s the formula to viral madness? We’ll ask.

StatusSearch is a Facebook app that gives you the ability to search inside your Facebook friends status updates. Want to see what your friends are saying about a specific event or find recommendations from friends about interesting books, movies, new songs or where to go tonight? Give this app a try. Lots of interesting questions come up when considering the potential of such a service. We’ve got creator Lior Levin on hand tonight to ask and to give us a sneak peak at the new service that searches both Facebook and Twitter.

Much love to Tamir Carmel, founder and CEO of 10bis for treating us to food and drinks. We’re suckers for free food. Attending members will also get a free 50 NIS 10bis card.

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2 Comments on “Face.com, Topify, HonestyBox, StatusSearch Demo Tonight @ IDC”

  1. May 18, 2009 at 10:31 pm #

    thanks for the awesome organization. if readers want to try Topify we created a special code http://bit.ly/topifytechaviv


  2. May 19, 2009 at 5:31 am #

    thanks for the awesome organization. if readers want to try Topify we created a special code http://bit.ly/topifytechaviv


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