Kenshoo, Colnect, Snapily Demo At TechAviv Israel, June 23rd

We’re back in Israel this week for our June TechAviv Founders Club Meetup with a great round of demos by Kenshoo, Colnect and Snapily. Over 120 TechAviv founders and investors are expected so we’ve moved to a bigger room at the IDC Herzliya. What’s so exciting about these award winning startups? See a quick blurb about each below. If you’re not currently on the RSVP list please join us for the live video broadcast and chat powered by TechAviv members LiveU and attracTV.

UPDATE: Video and photos below.

Click on the white dots in the timeline above to jump ahead to the demos.

Besides being Sequoia founding partner Michael Moritz’s new BFF, Yoav Izhar-Prato and his startup Kenshoo have been on a tear signing up new marquee customers and claiming the online ad industry’s top prizes. Kenshoo is an end-to-end search marketing platform. The service enables marketers to optimize all aspects of their search marketing campaigns to achieve maximum ROI. For example, do you know all the keywords that drive your target demographic to your site and that of your competitors? Be prepared to be surprised and impressed.

Colnect is the one-man-startup most famous for taking Europe by storm and winning this year’s European Startup 2.0 competition. Amir Wald is one special guy and yes, David Cowan should take note, Colnect is one of those “I can’t believe that didn’t exist yet” ideas. Colnect, simply enough, is a collector’s community and marketplace that enables its members to organize, share, trade and sell their collectables. Think coins, stamps, bank notes etc. We’ll get the inside story behind this run away success and the one-man behind it. See our previous coverage and video interview with Amir here.

Duby Hodd’s business card is one you don’t forget or lose. That’s because it’s him, in full 3D, shaking his ass-ets. Duby’s company, Snapily, enables you to turn your photos into customized 3D greeting cards, business cards, notebooks etc. You know those images that move or change whenever you change their angle? That technology has been around for decades. Snapily has found a snappy way to produce them, even for small scale orders, in a cost-effective manner and makes customizing, printing and order them a breeze.

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