Got An Idea Worth $250,000?

You know that brilliant Internet idea you’re doing nothing with because you’re too busy? It may be time to let someone else get it going for you. Not just anyone but a team of experts from the fields of business management, web development, design, marketing, legal, etc. Imagine if you could just hand over your idea and have a dream-team develop and launch it with much fanfare and media buzz, while you hold on to 51% of the company and full control to run with it once launched. That and $250,000 in funding and services from some of Israel’s Tier 1 service providers is what the team at exit’09 is offering the winners of their unique competition that ends this week.

Tsvika Kleinman, a founder of the competition and CEO of web development shop Sergata says “we believe that for an idea to grow, it needs more than just money, it needs a truly supportive environment and that’s exactly what exit’09 offers”. In addition to Sergata, winners will be supported by nascent, KPMG, Luzzatto & Luzzatto, Shavit Bar-On, Eden Tikshoret, Google, IBM, Sun and Intel all working together to make the winning idea a business success.

Want to compete? Go to and submit your idea today.

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