Peer39, Kognito, Ogmento Demo at TechAviv NY – Oct 15th

NYU’s Stern Business School hosts 140 NY-based Israeli hi-tech startup founders, execs and investors tonight as Peer39, Kognito and Ogmento take the stage to demo in front of their local peers. Here’s a short blurb about each of our TechAviv NY October presenters:

Based on natural language processing and machine learning, Peer39’s patented SemanticMatch algorithms understand content meaning and sentiment, and deliver the most relevant and effective brand safe advertising at the page level. Founder & CEO Amiad Solomon demos.

Kognito creates custom and off-the-shelf immersive learning simulations and games that help individuals improve their people-skills in the areas of leadership, management, customer service, and behavioral health. Founder & CEO Ron Goldman demos.
Ever heard of Augmented Reality (AR)? Get ready for a treat. This new technology overlays digital objects onto real-life environments you view through a camera in realtime. Ogmento develops AR content, games and applications for the iPhone. Founder & CEO Ori Inbar shows us one heck of a cool demo.

UPDATE: Demo video below:




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