Trollim, RankAbove, ServerMojo Demo at TechAviv IL – Oct 28th

The TechAviv Founders Club in Israel, now 500 founders and investors strong by invitation only, is meeting Weds, Oct 28th, 6:30PM in Herzliya to see, discuss and help three of our hottest local startups. TechCrunch 50 winner for Best International Startup Trollim, SEO optimization star RankAbove and the just launched ServerMojo by the tireless Pidgin Technologies demo in front of a standing-room only crowd of 150. RSVP is now closed but you can see who’s coming here and we’ll update this post with event videos.

October Startup Demos:

Trollim is a skill evaluation and comparison platform assessing the coding level, performance and skill set of programmers worldwide. Programmers of similar skill sets and coding languages compete against each other either by one to one or many to many coding challenges (Battles). Trollim’s patent pending proprietary algorithms are able to evaluate multiple coding languages, skills and the competitive performance of the participants, compare their skill sets against others programmers and improve them over time. Founder and CEO Raz Alon demos.


RankAbove, an early star of search engine optimization field, develops Drive; an automated platform for SEO based on algorithmic intelligence, ROI optimization and predictive capabilities. Drive offers SEO professionals the ability to easily see more data; dramatically reduces the time they spend on SEO tasks; and gives them the unprecedented ability to predict the results of their SEO work. Founder and CEO Mayer Reich demos.

ServerMojo is a server and site monitoring and alerts service for sys-admins and site owners. With both free and premium options, users can define monitor intervals and types, choose to be alerted by email, IM, Twitter, RSS or SMS and are provided with a range of charts showing server uptimes/downtimes and response speeds over time. Multiple geographically dispersed scan nodes provide accurate and essential monitoring for all levels of user from the individual site or blog owner right up to large enterprise systems. Founder and CEO Ron Kass demos.

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