Aprigo Wins TechAviv NY Oct 2010 Top Demo Peer Award

Its not often, heck, its actually never happened, that a B2B company wins the Top Demo vote at TechAviv’s New York branch. We’re primarily dominated by B2C Web and mobile startups so I thought it fitting to give founder/ceo Gil Zimmermann of Aprigo some props for doing just that last week in front of 100 members. It’s one thing to develop a compelling SaaS IT data management product for SMBs, but its an entirely different skillset to make that in any way sexy for normal human beings. Disclosure: I’m a board member at Aprigo.

The truth is Aprigo is a hot product, enabling companies to visualize their on-premise and cloud based data (read: files) in a whole new way and immediately spot and act on access breeches and storage inefficiencies. Think about how many documents your company has on Google Docs. Do you have any idea who, internal and external to the company, has access to them? Hint: you don’t, because you can’t. You can only see who has access to the files you uploaded. Aprigo’s new gDocs App Aprigo Ninja is a must-have for any company with sensitive data on Google Docs. Learn more about them here and follow the team @Aprigo.

The company is actually based in Waltham, MA and Gil organizes the local TechAviv Boston branch, so I think it only fitting that a hot TechAviv NY startup goes up there to win their monthly Top Demo Peer Award.

Congrats Gil and team.

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