Fooducate Wins April TechAviv Peer Award

Congrats Hemi Weingarten and Team Fooducate on getting the nod from 150 fellow founders and investors as the top demo of the April 2010 TechAviv Founders Club meetup. Besides Hemi being one of the most selfless entrepreneurs in Israel, Fooducate has a special place in TechAviv’s heart in that it is the first seed investment made by a group of TechAviv Angels (Yaron Galai, Yaniv Golan, Jeremie Berrebi, etc.). This is one of those feel-good companies with a great sense of purpose and inspiring leadership. Hemi is a master of presentation. Fooducate is a personal grocery advisor app for your phone that helps you make informed purchase decisions at the store. You scan a product’s barcode and Fooducate tells you what’s really inside and what might be a healthier alternative. Grocers should take note, this app is going to move more product off the shelves.

Also demo’ing in April were the impressive Plnnr and First Life Research.

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