Mobli, YouNow, HashtagArt Demo at TechAviv NY Feb 21, 7PM EST

NY’s finest Israeli startup founders and execs take over the business school at NYU Stern to see demos from three of our most promising local startups. As always, our goal is to learn from, be inspired by and help our peers.

February Startup Presenters:
1. Mobli – Gil Eyal, VP Marketing will demo this breakaway photo sharing phenom that counts Leonardo DiCaprio as an investor and Paris Hilton as an avid user.
2. YouNow – Adi Sideman, Founder & CEO of TechCrunch Disrupt darling YouNow will update us on the latest developments at his addictive startup.
3 HashtagArt – Marc Fischman, Founder & CEO will show us all how art and technology can be combined to build a thriving business.

6:30-7:00pm Networking & Introductions
7:00-8:00pm Startup Demos, Group Q&A, Voting (LIVE Broadcast Above)
8:00-8:30pm Member Announcements & Networking

Live broadcast powered by Techaviv NY member Watchitoo.

Categories: Meetups, Startups

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