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headup Redux. Now In Public Beta.

There are certain things that I pray for before going to sleep. Boxee was one of them. But I do not pray for yet another search engine. I’m good like that. However, if you are going to try to get me to covert from just Googling everything, you are going to need to try hard. […]

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Mini SeedCamp TLV

I arrived at SeedCamp TLV kinda confused. It may have been my fault, as I only slept 4 hours the night before. But something did not feel right. It looked like the IDC (the InterDisciplinary Center where TechAviv is based). The students milling around resembled IDC students. But I knew that it couldn’t be the […]

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Shalom Chevre

Welcome to the new site and blog of the TechAviv community. We’re today over 1,000 Israeli entrepreneurs and investors that come together off and online to showcase, discuss and help fellow Israeli startups succeed. Our mission is to harness our collective experience and talents to further Israeli hi-tech worldwide. Especially during these troubled times, when […]

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