Spotted: Unicorns in Israel

“Unicorns”, perhaps the most overused term in the valley since Aileen Lee coined it in November 2013, are private companies with valuations in excess of $1 Billion. The tech world, and ...

TechAviv is back in session!

The TechAviv Founders Club is back this summer with a new crop of startups, new discussion formats and a new co-organizer, Guy Malachi. Summer 2015 Kickoff Event May 12th (Members Only) Startup ...

World’s Largest Hackathon Coming to Tel Aviv

AngelHack, a massive global hackathon is brining a new competition, The Whole Developer, to 30 cities around the world and to Tel Aviv June 20-21. TechAviv members are invited to compete and win a chance to ...

TechAviv News

Israel’s Bitcoin Geeks

On December 3, 2013 the TechAviv Founders Club convened at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to discuss the topic that has captured the imagination of entrepreneurs worldwide — Bitcoin and the profound revolution of decentralized, math-based currency. We discussed Bitcoin’s present and future opportunities for startups in a town-hall style meeting led by presentations from […]

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Dave McClure at TechAviv: Startup Metrics For Pirates

Instant TechAviv classic. Dave, very much at home, schooling the Startup Nation on the metrics of startup success. Unfortunately this is the only video we have of the event and the quality is a bit spotty, but Dave’s color and insights shine through. Nearly 300 founders in attendance. Event details here. #FounderGold

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Repstamp Crowned TechAviv NY 2013 Top Zell Startup

Each year the talented students of the IDC Herzliya Zell Entrepreneurship Program visit the NY and CA branches of TechAviv to show off their semester-long startup projects and compete for the Top Zell Startup award. Past finalists went on to great success including Wibiya, Gifts Project, Bizzabo and Wibbitz and last year’s winner Roomer which […]

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UX Research Class @ TechAviv NY

This month at our NYC branch Google SR. UX Researcher Tomer Sharon schooled 150 founders, CEOs and investors on the science and art of UX research. Many entrepreneurs and startup founders want to learn from their customers about their needs and abilities. They understand that products should solve real problems for people and that they […]

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Waze On The Block For $1 Billion?

The rumor that Facebook is in advanced talks to acquire Israel’s Waze for approximately $1 Billion is raging in silicon wadi. Some suggest Apple might even be re-bidding, which would make a ton of sense for them considering their disastrous maps hangover. Apple now knows that you must own your own data to be a serious contender in the […]

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The MyHeritage Story Feb 5th @ TechAviv

There are those who say Israel can’t produce world-class Internet companies. That we are only grooming “feature companies” to be sold to giants overseas. That’s why it was all the more sweet and inspiring to watch Or Yehuda based TechAviv member MyHeritage acquire its massive US competitor two months ago. This month at TechAviv’s Israel branch […]

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Benchmark’s Michael Eisenberg talks Israeli Startups on Bloomberg TV

“The next 5 years will be the golden age of startup innovation in Israel”. Couldn’t agree more.

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Finding A Perfect Co-Founder

The first and by far most important decision you’ll make when starting a company is picking a co-founder. Much like marriage, there’s no science behind the process of pairing up, but there’s plenty of sites out their that will help you find “love”. What about a co-founder? One of the most common requests for help […]

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Roomer Wins 2012 TechAviv NY Top Zell Student Startup

At last night’s TechAviv NY meetup at NYU we hosted the talented students of IDC Herzliya’s Zell Entrepreneurship Program for our annual Top Zell Startup competition. The founders, execs and investors of TechAviv NY voted live via SMS after watching pitches by four Zell startups and hearing comments from TechAviv NY judges Avner Ronen (Boxee), […]

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Mobli, YouNow, HashtagArt Demo at TechAviv NY Feb 21, 7PM EST

NY’s finest Israeli startup founders and execs take over the business school at NYU Stern to see demos from three of our most promising local startups. As always, our goal is to learn from, be inspired by and help our peers. February Startup Presenters: 1. Mobli – Gil Eyal, VP Marketing will demo this breakaway […]

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